App CN
-App launch, user acquisition and monetization in China




Our Story

App CN helps mobile apps and games of all sizes break through the noise and get their success in China

  • 2012  3 co-founders started our business in Nanjing

  • 2015 We expended to other major cities in China and set up new offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou and Guangzhou.

  • 2016 We grew organically from 3 people to 100 people. And became top tier agency for Tencent, Baidu and ByteDance. 

  • 2017 We grew to 200 people and got investment from top Chinese tech companies.

  • 2018 We set up our German branch to expend in the western market. 

  • ….. More excitements to come! 

Our Mission

Enable Chinese mobile users a more variety choice of apps and games and have more fun and convenience with their life. Help developers world wide dig the “Gold Mine”  of Chinese mobile Internet market. Our partners’ success is our success. 



Providing True value

Chinese market is anything but easy. With Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube etc being blocked, Chinese mobile Internet market has a very unique eco-system. As a veteran in the market and played on both sides of the table, we know how to get the most out of your budget.